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エアーバランサー ミスターキャッチマンのご紹介

Please check out videos “Moving objects with Mr.Catchman”

Reduce exhausted work of lifting up heavy loads. Increase efficiency of work!
Moving heavy loads or moderate weight objects (less than 20 kg.) for long time can cause some kind of abnormal conditions to our body. This should be prevented beforehand. Let Mr. Catchman ergonomic design help reduce your burden and increase speed of work.

Design for safety!
Assignable handle controls, alteration responding to the loadユs weight ( Patented ). The balance adjustment push button switch helps catching the loads with balance, without sudden jogging of the machine, which is the weakness found in general air balancers. Equipped with Air Injection Protection System ( Patented ) and Drop Protection System ( Patented ).

User Friendly Easy to control!
Easy to operate even for female users. This is not a crane system, so no need for any Crane Operation License requirement. The machine is meticulously designed, easy to operate even for new users. With all the optional functions, you can lift the object up/down and turn the handle on/off with one hand.


    Under Construction.